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For years, our Construction Law team has been at the forefront of construction litigation, defending construction professionals of all levels during disputes, in the courtroom and through a high-skilled approach to construction law. The building process is complicated and can be wrought with difficulties.  Our team understands the hardships that result from construction disputes. As experienced attorneys in construction disputes and litigation, we counsel clients on a wide range of legal matters, with the goal of preventing confrontation and litigation. When litigation is inevitable, we leverage our years of experience in the courtroom to deliver the most efficient and effective results possible. Our dedicated attorneys handle a wide range of claims related to residential and commercial construction projects.

Preventing and Responding to Contractor Issues

Regional knowledge is as imperative in construction law as it is in the construction industry.  Our Construction Law team knows the construction business from the inside out. We have mastered California’s complex construction legal framework and put that experience to use for our clients; both in a transactional and a litigation setting.

In addition to understanding the legal nuances associated with construction law, our lawyers have more than a decade of hands-on experience in the construction industry managing construction projects, hiring contractors and negotiating contracts. To avoid issues in workmanship and other construction issues that arise when remodeling, updating or building a home or building, we counsel clients on how to perform sound due diligence beforehand. Among other areas, our attorneys have extensive experience in establishing contracts that allocate risk and responsibility in a matter to prevent headaches and litigation during the course of work.

Even with these precautions, you could still face problems in the midst of construction, such as work delays, the use of defective materials, improper construction practices, inflated costs or the inability to secure the appropriate permits, inspections and certificates of improvement. Our experienced and dedicated team of construction litigation attorneys assists our clients in navigating the complicated issues that arise in construction claims and are experienced in correcting the issues that are diverting time, money, and resources away from your business ventures.

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Our team of industry experts provides the relevant business and legal insight that enables public and private developers as well as owners to best leverage their investments, time and resources. For more information on your rights in a construction matter or dispute, meet with one of our skilled construction law attorneys. From our office in Los Angeles, we serve individuals and business owners throughout the State of California. Give us a call today or contact us online for a free consultation.

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